19 January, 2011

Icy Death.

Shortly after we moved into our new (rented) townhome, a mysterious stream of water started to fall from the roof of the back of the home and into our backyard. It's been a while coming, but the plumber finally came today to fix it. Apparently it was an issue with the septic tank in the attic... something to do with the ballcock in the tank being worn out, so that water was overflowing and causing the little waterfall outside of the house.

In the mean time, we've had some nights dipping below 0C, freezing the water as it hit the ground.

Today, Jacek, our friend, came to bring us a wooden table that he and Pawel had helped us move. I went around to open the side gate, and didn't notice the sheet of ice covering the pavement behind the house. I slipped on it, and landed hard on my left elbow. Dang! It hurt soooo much. I just lay there on the ice and stared up at the sky, willing myself not to cry in front of Jacek... and of course, the plumber. We got the table inside, and as soon as both men were gone, i cried like a little kid.
It hurts SO MUCH! Currently, it's throbbing and it feels like "growing pains" that i experienced as a kid with the added bonus of a tiny, dark purple bruise directly on the bendy part of my elbow. *sigh*

But the grass was so pretty that i couldn't pass up a photo opportunity. Once i got a good little cry in, i sucked it up and grabbed my camera to (carefully) take photos to share with you!

 All i needed to feel better was a little chocolate and this:

I have found that resisting the cuteness is useless. Just give in. :)


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