27 January, 2011

How is this even possible?!

I was getting thing settled in our new guest room, folding clothes, emptying boxes and the like - and left to put some stuff away. When i returned, i found THIS!!!
(insert Psycho theme here)

I mean sure, he looks pretty well dead, but believe me, he was not there when i left the room (this guy was found in the middle of the bed where i was folding clothes) and he was definitely still moving! I was under the impression (from 10th grade biology) that hornets DIE in the winter. Well... this was was on its way... and definitely is now (turns out he couldn't swim, poor thing...). 

This one isn't the only live one we found, either. When we moved out of our old place, there was one flying around what used to be our bedroom... and that was just a couple weeks ago!
How are these things surviving?!


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