18 January, 2011

Drama of a different kind

Recently, I've been asked to participate in the Ballyduff Drama Group here in Fermoy. I've been missing playing with the Grapes of Laugh in improv and if you know me... well... you know i'm pretty theatrical as a way of life.
Ballyduff is performing All My Sons, which i'm not too familiar with, but i am really looking forward to getting up close and personal with this play. The play has been cast already, but i've been asked to help with costumes and props and the like. I'M SO STOKED!!! I know i'm not performing, but at the same time, i feel like i am.

I think it will be fun. The play is an American play set in the midwest, so they've also asked me to help coach them on their American accents. HA! I've never coached anyone like that before. Looks like i'll be drawing inspiration and strength not only from God but from my good friend, and former coach, Missy.

Last night was my first time meeting the cast and coach, and i had an honest to God BLAST! They've also asked me to take some decent photos of their rehearsals as well as their performances, so it seems i've got a lot on my plate. I'm sure i can deal with it though.
Here are photos from last night's rehearsal:


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