23 August, 2010

un pea-lievable!!!!

What do you see when you look at this?

i know... a hastily built structure... hush. V built it as quickly as possible because our peas were growing so, SO quickly! As peas do... but look!!!
there are NO PEAS inside!!! I have plucked countless pods from the peas that grew within this structure. Actually - they didn't grow only within the structure - but they grew tall, and bushy, and OUT of the structure! I had to gently fold their little limbs back inside the structure so they wouldn't get *too* spindly.
I came outside (through the jungle) to my (far away) garden to harvest some onions and peas... only to find:
NOTHING!!! Well... i have plenty of onions... but NO PEAS!!! Well... no plants. The plants you see are weeds.
but if you look verrrrry closely, you'll see what is left of my pea plants.
That's it. A couple pods, and the withered, chopped, remains (literally, CHOPPED!!!! CUT UP!!!) of little pea-branches, and pea-stems. See the light-colored things? THOSE ARE THE CHOPPED PIECES of my PLANTS!!! *sigh* Who is responsible for murdering my plants? Well... i have a guess...

OH! did i mention i found a pair of SCISSORS in the dirt by the plants? No?! Well i did. I just picked them up and brought them inside before i decided i wanted to go BACK outside and photograph the crime scene.
Here's a photo of some of the twine that was strung within my structure... as severed by - who knows who.

In other news... Bilbo was super happy to see me when i came home. Haha! Look at his face!!!
i just love it! he's so funny sometimes! Someone, please caption this. It's totally caption-worthy. Leave me a comment!


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