31 August, 2010

Day Thirteen: Something I don't leave the house without.

Hmm... you mean other than the obvious "purse and keys" answer? There are actually a couple things. Ask me a year ago and i would have definitely said it was my iPhone, but since moving to Ireland and skinnying down to one income for both of us,  i haven't been using it much.
I would have to say i never leave home without a lip balm of some sort. Nivea has been my recent choice, but i've tried hundreds of different flavours and types. There was a point where i had at least two sticks in every location imaginable. Car, purse, work, pockets, in each room... People used to hunt down new flavours just to amuse me! Chapstick was the stocking stuffer of choice for family to give me, and honestly - i loved it. My favorite by far was Dr. Pepper lip balm by Bonne Bell.
For a while i was into softlips - i love the way menthol feels on my lips. I would literally go through one a day. It was almost as expensive as a smoking habit!
I used to joke that i was addicted... and maybe it was true. Some people smoke, some people have lip balm. Either way, it's an oral fixation of sorts.

Over time, i've learned to use less. I discovered that some balms actually had alcohol in them which would dry out the lips after a while making you feel like you needed more. Mentholated chapsticks have somewhat of the same effect, in my opinion... Now i only use mentholated balms for a treat now and then as opposed to the regular use they used to have in my lifestyle.
As for the Dr. Pepper lip smackers addiction... it was wonderful. This glorious flavour was in the background of so much of my life. My first kiss, my first dance, my favourite job interview...
Dr. Pepper was there.
If I could have a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper lip balm by Bonne Bell... my life would be complete.
I carried around a few (hundred) of these tubes for at least 8 years running. I would freak out a little (ok, a lot) if the store was out of this flavour and would resort to buying the three-flavour pack (with A&W root beer and cherry 7up!) just to get to my precious.
Needless to say, i had a few lonely tubes of Cherry 7up and A&W around. What can i say? I couldn't get enough. I'm not sure when my love affair ended... but i find myself dreaming Dr. Pepper dreams every now and then. Maybe it's time to look for it online? A little reunion might be in order!


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