28 August, 2010

Day Ten: A photo and description of what's in my makeup bag.

1. My makeup bag, itself. I got it free with the purchase of some sort of Clinique thing.
2. Combination powder and brush. Amazing for keeping things compact inside my bag. I also have a regular brush and powder - but i use them at home. This is a travel-only use item.
3. Tinted face lotion, more or less. It gives me a little glow without making me look orange or like there's "too much".
4. Lengthening mascara. I know, i'm a cheater.
5. Lipstick. I purchased this for my wedding, but in real life i'm not much of a lipstick wearer.
6. Cover-up for those pesky dark circles i never can get rid of. It's slightly mentholated. It's slightly awesome.
7. Bobby pins. Honestly, those are useful in there, but i just shoved them in one day and never took them out.
8 and 9. Merle Norman eye shadow brushes. I got them on my 14th birthday. No Joke. 12 years old!! lol LOVE them though!! I keep meaning to get another set, but when i think about it i'm either broke or can't find them.
10 and 11. Black eye liner from back in my Glamour Shots days. I worked there. I keep those more out of sentiment and emergency than actual usage.
12. Brown eye liner that i use most often.
13. Black liquid eye liner in case i want a nice line.
14. Brown mascara that i use every now and then, but not often.
15. Color stay lipstick. I should probably throw this out. It's oooold.
16. Blush.
17. Blush brush that i got free with my bag.
18. Eye shadows! My favorite set of all time.


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