24 August, 2010

Day Six: A photo of an animal I'd love to keep as a pet.

this is a hard one for me, because as much as i love animals - one is usually enough for me at one time. I lived with 6 cats once (all indoor...) and as cute and sweet as some of them were, i could see the destruction that was done to my friends' house. Their furniture, their plants, the carpet... no thanks. One's enough.

But if i could consider possibly having another pet in addition to my cat (because i'm certain that i'll always have a cat or dog in my home), it would be this:
image found here

It's a Japanese Dormouse. He's super cute, and i love, Love, LOVE his little fuzzy tail and adorableness. Now that you've seen a photo of something i'd like to keep as a pet - let me share that i do not consider chickens, goats, or farm animals as "pets" per se. I'm sure you can love them like pets, but to me, a pet is something that gets to live with you and share your home - not just your land.
I would love to own chickens someday, and possibly a goat or if we've got the land - a cow. Maybe even a sheep, someday. We'll see.


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