19 August, 2010

Day One: 15 Facts About Me.

In case you missed it, i'm doing a 30 day blog challenge and i'm inviting you to participate, too! Just leave me a link to your blog in the comments and we'll all follow each other and get to know one another for the next 30 days. Anyone can participate, it will be fun!

15 facts about me. Wow. that's a lot. Ok! Here i go...

1.) I was born in Alaska, and even though i grew up there and in several other states - i always tell people that i'm from Alaska when they ask. Mainly because it's true, but partly because it sounds impressive

2.) I do not have natural red hair. I have pale skin and freckles, though so i pull it off pretty well.

3.) I prefer lunch food for breakfast, dinner food for lunch, and breakfast food for dinner. Always have.

4.) I really like my handwriting, but i'm always trying to improve it to make it prettier.

5.) I'm really good/decent when it comes to kids. Kids love me for some reason i dont know. Maybe because i'm always the one who gives them a little attention when i am visiting with their parents... kids don't like to be ignored.

6.) i remember being a kid very, very well. When i was little, my parents would do something and i would do my best to remember it so that when i had kids i wouldn't do it. As i got older, i realized why they did some of the things they did and it makes more sense now... so in the end, i'll just be doing my best - like every other parent out there. haha

7.) I don't like talking on the phone. I hate making cold calls (or warm calls), and i chalk it up to the HOURS i spent on the phone as a teenager. We didn't have that newfangled textymabob back in the day. We had HOME telephones. I loved to dial phone numbers for my mom on my grandmother's rotary telephone though... that was fun.

8.) I am so, so moody. But only to my husband and closest friends. I have this front i put on for everyone else. I dont mean that i'm a hateful person - it's just hard to explain. I'm super patient for some things and for others, i have NO patience and get frustrated easily... Just cuz i'm moody doesn't mean i LIKE to be moody.

9.) I prefer easing myself into the real world upon awakening. When i had to get up for work, i would figure out how many minutes in between snooze alarms, and plan my wake-up to be three snooze alarms after that. I've done this ever since i've owned an alarm clock (i got my first one when i was 12) and have found over the years that 3 minutes is too few, 5 minutes is just "ok", 7 minutes is perfect, and 9 is way too much.

10.) i have a difficult time finishing personal projects that i start.

11.) if i could afford it, i would have Starbucks every day. As it is, i only get something from them about once every other blue moon.

12.) I am often inspired, but rarely act upon it. Last night i drew a little gnome and colored him - then wrote a short story. This was very unusual behavior!

13.) I struggled to remember not to put the letter "u" in things when i lived in the states (ie. "colour", "neighbour", "favourite"). Now, i live abroad where it's normal and i still struggle not to do it because i'm afraid my American friends will make fun.

14.) I really like the smell of spent wooden matches just after they have been struck on the side of the box.

15.) Facebook has allowed me to connect with many, many friends over the years. I have people on my friends list that i never expected to see again. I have my high school bullies (why, i dont know), i have some of my past wedding clients, and of course family that i'm not able to see often - but there's one person in particular i have never been able to find. My childhood friend Steven. We used to play together at camp almost every summer, and he even came to visit me in Utah from Arizona when we were about 12. It was amazing; i think of him often, and wonder how he's doing.

And there you have it! It was actually hard to come up with all that stuff. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!


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