22 August, 2010

Day Four: 20 of my favourite things

in no particular order:

1.) Cool, breezy, weather
2.) the feeling of accomplishment
3.) finding that "comfy spot" right before drifting off to sleep
4.) the smell of firewood, freshly spent matches, and freshly blown-out candles
5.) elementary school supply smells. Scotch tape, a box of crayolas, freshly sharpened pencils, and elmer's glue.
6.) Chocolate Chip Cookies
7.) when V plays with my hair
8.) when V says my name (this happens infrequently because we're always around just each other, so there's no need to address each other... but every so often in the store, he needs to get my attention and says my name <3 Perhaps it's because it's so infrequent that i love it...)
9.) Autumn. Everything about Autumn. This could be a list on it's own!
10.) Temperate beaches. Sandy, wet, not too hot, not crowded, amazing temperate beaches.
11.) The way the sun feels on my hair and on my back on a cool day.
12.) Brisk, crisp, mornings when the frost lines everything - during sunrise, when everything sparkles.
13.) the words, "Kocham cie, dobranoc." As murmured by my husband before we go to sleep.
14.) the first bite of really yummy food. haha, i know this is general - but this also could be a list on it's own.
15.) Sunsets (corny, i know...)
16.) being away from civilization and able to see the whole sky lit up by stars, and realizing I can see the Milky Way
17.) Camping.
18.) The Aurora Borealis
19.) being greeted by family and friends after a long absence.
20.) going barefoot


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