23 August, 2010

Day Five: A photo of myself two years ago.

So, in searching for a photo of myself two years ago... it really got me thinking. I am in SUCH a different place in life, in more ways than i can even count. Physically, emotionally, geographically... lol

This is a photo of myself on August 21, 2008. The photos from August 23, in them all have my ex in them too... which A.) I didn't think my husband would appreciate, and B.) the directions are "A photo of MYSELF..."

I had received these earrings from my dad and his wife in the mail and this is a photo i took of myself modeling them for him. I lived south of Seattle at the time, and dad lives north of Seattle so instead of driving over an hour to see him (when i couldn't afford fuel), i sent him a photo. :)


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