08 June, 2010

It ain't pretty...

Are YOU brave enough to post your fatty McGee across the world wide web? Haha! I figure all those other chicks (fatties and non-fatties alike) all post their vacation pix clad in bikinis, and this covers more than a bikini, right? Thought so. Yeah. That's my flubber up there and i have to say - it ain't pretty (yikes! look at those stretch marks!) but it's me, and it ain't bad either. I'm not even sucking in! :-P

I have to admit that when it comes to weight loss, i am certainly not one for motivation. Then i realize how un-motivated i've been and get depressed... then i try to convince myself that i'm fine with the size i am and try to lie myself into believing that i'm happy with the way i look. Haven't we all been there though? Isn't that the point where you DO something? As for me, i had a little shock today. I have been avoiding my measuring tape like the plague just knowing that i could in no way be down any inches at all since i hadn't been active, hadn't been trying. But tonight, i decided to finally have a look. Begrudgingly, i brought out my mom's old sewing tape and began to measure. As i wrote down my numbers and compared them to last time... could it be?! I've lost an INCH and a HALF of body?! Wow! I think this was just the motivation i needed to re-inspire that old goal. I'm really looking forward to re-measuring at the end of the week after i've been actively trying again!


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