17 February, 2010

Visiting Cobh, Ireland

Actually, this took place a couple of weeks ago... and i've just now gotten around to uploading photos. We went to Cobh to walk around the little town. It was very cool to see the Titanic's last port before it went into the deep.

St. Coleman's Cathedral
A little neighborhood across the street from the Cathedral
from below. Amazing.
The Town of Cobh. Hello, Atlantic Ocean.
i really like this one.
This boat was used in the movie Far and Away. (When Shannon escapes with Joseph to America)
Another view of the street. You can see the spire from the Cathedral at the top :)

When i was 14, i was obsessed with the Titanic. It was because of the movie, of course- it was right around the time that movie came out- and i just loved Leonardo DiCaprio... so of course i had to know every little detail about the disaster that this movie was based upon? Right?! That way if i ever ran into Leo, i could have something completely non-creepy to chat about with him..... RIGHT?!
Ahh, the silliness. Teenagers are capable of some strong emotions. Anyhow- i never in my wildest imagination thought that someday i would visit the Titanic's last port, but wow. Here i was. Cobh was actually once known as Queenstown- and though it was technically the Titanic's last port, the harbour facilities at the time weren't adequate enough to allow the ship to come to port. She was anchored off shore and passengers were ferried out in tenders to allow for boarding.
yeah some stuff just sticks with you, even though you try to forget. LOL
Actually, there was a debate just this weekend about how far the Titanic sank... and i was the only one able to give a correct answer. Why, "Approximately 2.3 miles." came tumbling from my mouth without letting my brain think about it first, i dont know... but it was the right answer and i didn't even have to explain that i was hopelessly in love with a movie star over a decade ago.


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