04 February, 2010


Some of you lovely people have been asking to see the inside of our fair cottage- and today is the day! Keep in mind, that there is much work to be done, and i need to get V's help and clean up all the extra boards from our bed construction downstairs- but! At least you get to see it :-) Altogether, the cottage is about 800sq ft (which is 150 sq ft smaller than my apartment in Ohio)- but it's absolutely perfect for us. Click any of the photos to enlarge, then you may need to use your "back" button on your browser to return here.

This is the view of our bedroom from standing under the window. You can see my desk over in the corner, some laundry drying on the radiator, my amazing spinning wheel. The quilt on the bed was hand sewn by my amazing grandmother. I know it's not for a double size bed, but it's too pretty to fold up and put in a box- and i dont have anywhere to hang it for display yet. I get the best internet connection from the bed, so that is where i do most of my computing.
Here, you can see the bed a little differently. V built the bed last night by hand. I couldn't believe how fast it came together, and how nice it is! We plan to sand it and paint it to match our bedroom once we decide on a color scheme. You can see V's desk in the corner, and (going left) the space for our printer, and cabinet that holds most of our camera equipment. The wardrobe is where V's clothes go, and where my shoes and purses reside. V built the bookshelf too! i think we will also sand it and paint it. It might eventually go downstairs because that whole wall is going to become shelves for our crafting. The stuff around the bookshelf is stuff that hasn't found a home yet... we aren't sure where to put a lot of our stuff still- which is where the shelves come in. 
The empty space is where a nice wooden table will go for further crafty goodness. This room, as you can see, is our multi- function room.
Just outside the bedroom is this tiny little bathroom. hopefully, we'll get a mirror for above the sink someday. Must watch out for the beam though or you'll crack your head getting in (and out) of the shower.
lol please disregard our dirty clothes. The cabinet is where the water heater is. It's short and cute and heats all the water we need. Be careful though, you'll hit your head on the ceiling on your way to the toilet, if you dont stoop a little.
Here is the landing. you can see both the doors to the bedroom and the bathroom on the right. The black thing is where i hang my clothes. it's too tall to go in the bedroom. All that stuff surrounding it are tools and things that V is going to place into an old dresser that sits on the left of the black wardrobe. At the end of the stairs you can see the door heading out back (or out front, whichever you think) towards the landlord's house and all the other things like the laundry room, the sheds, the fuel tank, and the boiler. There's a curtain over the door to keep the heat from escaping. It's a nice curtain. Don't judge ;-) We don't have the key to this door, and have been asked not to use it- so we use the other door and walk alllllll the way around the house to take care of any business we have over there. It's not such a big deal, really. A little exercise never hurt anyone.
And yes. At the bottom of this photo is my right foot. Yay for wide angle lenses!
Here is our downstairs in all it's glory. On the right, is our kitchen with a lovely big window above the sink and cute little curtains that match the door curtain covering the shelves. You can see our clothes line that goes from a hook next to our light bulb and three strings that spider-web to our stairs. Now that we have heat, the clothes don't take days and days to dry! So i'll be taking it down today. Win.
On the left and in the middle, you can see wood from the construction of the bed- hence the chair and the hand saw and the carpet to catch the sawdust. Behind the chair, is the box containing more of our laundry... but we're out of laundry soap until tomorrow... so that is where it will stay. The plaid thing is a box for a mattress to go on. It was too small for our mattress, so the landlords are (supposedly) taking it out soon. We have a red leather couch. LOL! It is cold to sit on... hahaha and it came with the house, so it stays. On the right under the window in the wall, is our dining area and on the opposite corner from where i'm standing, is the front (or back) door... and another curtain :-)

Thanks for visiting my cottage! Stay for tea next time... or forever... <3


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