25 February, 2010


Since Monday, i can't say that i've done a whole lot. It's hard to be motivated to get up and do stuff when it's so COOOOLD.
Would you like to know how cold it is? OK. I'll tell you. Let me paint a picture in your mind.
Imagine a hike, mid to late fall, in the mountains of your choice. Imagine how nice it feels to hike up there, and set up camp. It's nice to sit around the fire and make dinners together with your spouse. As it starts to cool off, and your adrenaline from hiking wears down- you decide to put on a sweater. Then later, a coat. As the night wears on, you consider adding that extra pair of woolen socks that you packed- then end up putting on gloves and a hat. It's fine though, because you're with your loved one and the fire is romantic. It's nice to get away.
It's finally time for bed, and you both crawl into your sleeping bag(s). Mostly fully dressed. As the night goes on, you remove a sweater here, and a pair of socks there- but for the most part, remain fully dressed.
In the morning, when the sun streams through the trees and lands gently upon your tent, you open your eyes. It's then you realize that your hat has fallen off and your HAIR is cold. Your scalp is cold. Your nose is cold.
Your spouse has gone off on an early-morning fishing expedition, and his side of the sleeping bag is cold.
Slowly, you move your arms outside of the sleeping bag with the intent to sit up, but as soon as you do, your skin is affronted by the crisp air around you- which isn't altogether pleasant. Retracting your arms within the sleeping bag is your only defense... until you have to pee.
You hurry and throw on that sweater and those socks and dance out into the woods somewhere to do your "bidness"... and when you're done- it's still SO COLD. Frost is on the ground, and all you want to do is crawl back into the sleeping bag and wait for the summer.

So maybe there's no frost on the floors or the walls when i wake up- and i dont have to go to the bathroom outside (thank goodness), but the whole thing about waking up to my hair being cold- and pretty much everything else on my head being cold... is true.

We had planned on getting a lovely little wood/coal-burning stove this week but my Student Loans came due- and we had to dip into our "warmth fund" to satisfy the needs of the lovely Sallie Mae. Now, i'm not sure that we'll even get a stove this season- which means we are stuck with the fireplace as our only heat source.
Earlier this week, i put up heavy blankets along the stairwell, blocking off the "hole" going upstairs that heat would escape through when we had a fire. Last night was the first time actually testing it to see if it really worked.

We built a raging inferno and it was nice that the heat actually stayed in the room. I started out sitting by the fire, then moved 3 feet further away, then eventually ended up on the couch, and was still warm! It was pretty nice, although when the fire died, the house did get cold pretty quick. I blame it on the chimney.

I was able to rip strips of sheets and old duvet covers for a future project too! it was nice to be warm while doing this. I was happily ripping my strips of fabric while my husband was trying to beat Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo last night. I was able to get a few balls of "yarn" rolled and ready! Now all i need is my stuff to arrive... therein lies my (mother's) giant crochet hooks that i never had any use for until now. lol
I'm anxious to see how the project turns out. If things go well, maybe i'll be able to add it to the items i have listed on Etsy.com! Definitely check them out. I'll keep you posted (of course) as the project progresses!

Speaking of projects progressing... Getting my paperwork done to allow me to remain in Ireland legally has been a giant thorn in my foot lately. There's so much to do in order to get it all done right, and it's a quite lengthy process too. Today we have to finish my EU1 form and submit it along with my passport (eek!) and new photos.
When V came home for lunch today, i had set up a mini-studio in our bedroom so we could do the photos. I became today very aware of how asymmetrical my face is. LOL! It's like my biological mother was drinking during pregnancy.
Thanks mom.
Can you tell i had trouble not smiling? hahaha! it took me a couple minutes not to smile... this is the best i could do. I'm considering a re-shoot, maybe with my hair down. V looks handsome as always though. <3

Tonight, we're driving to Lismore to pick up more garden supplies from V's friend's field. For some reason, i'm suddenly craving fries... haha
Yay for Pavlovian reflex.
Everytime we've been to Lismore, we have purchased french fries (or as they call them here, "chips") to munch on as we did our errands around town, and it was a welcome warmth.
Not so much looking forward to a lengthy trip in the car, but happy to be spending it with the love of my life!


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