17 July, 2009

Laryngitis. Boo.

I have an inflamed Larynx. What's up with that?
i blame the cold i had for exactly 2 seconds. I've had this lovely, raspy voice since Monday. I know it's not that long, but i'm soooo ready for it to heal already. Mainly because i sing a lot... not well, mind you (hence the voice lesson) but i like to sing. In the car, in the shower, whatever- i hum and sing all day.
With this malady i am unable to do any of it. I can't even shout!

However, i'm sure that i could come up with a character to use in improv with this voice. An old, smoking granny has been suggested... lol

The good thing is that it doesn't hurt. So no complaints there. I just get tired of sounding like Rachael Ray.


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