11 June, 2009

Blessed to be chosen.

All my life, i have been blessed to be chosen. When i was a kid, some other kkid made a snide comment about the fact that i was adopted. i retaliated by saying "well- my parents got to CHOOSE me. yours were stuck with what they got."

lol! what a mean thing to say. But for me- that particular zing was one in a line of very few. i'm not much for the insults.

BUT anyhow- i was fortunate to be adopted into a loving family that was not into drugs or alcohol. They gave me the best life they could for what they had.

it applies to what i do today as a freelance photographer... i am literally chosen by a bride because she likes the way i take photos, and as a fair individual- i tend to work with a budget. i love to receive phone calls with questions about pricing and what's included. I love hearing the words "we'd really like you to shoot our wedding."

music to my ears.


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