04 March, 2009

not very connected...

Hi, my name is Shannon. I have an addiction to being connected.

I have moved into my new apartment! yaaay! i could have really used more hands, but i wont complain. On a week's notice- i still got everything moved in one day. There were a couple helpers from my group of friends, and i sincerely appreciate them.
BUT as we know, things go missing in a move.

The thing i miss the most, is my brain. HAHA just kidding (but seriously, i really miss it)- I lost my computer cord. SO my poor little MacBook is sitting at home in its case slowly dying. I know that if i dont find it this week i'll have to go buy another. Then inevitably, i'll find my old one the very next day. Funny how that works. Maybe i should just PRETEND to buy a new one and i'll find the old one?

My best friend came over the other day to help me with the apartment, and we decided that she would be the most help assisting me with shopping.
For food.
We went on an adventure to find value marts and thrift stores. I have to say... as much as i love to save a dollar here and there- i really am not a big fan of the value mart in general. They are mostly dirty places with questionable produce... Speaking of which:

Really?! 25 pounds of LARD?! What exactly do you do with 25 pounds of Lard? it reminds me of a picture i found long ago that i thought was especially absurd:

Happy?! *sigh*

On another note, we went to Jungle Jims too. I was inspired to go on a tea spree. I've never been a big fan of tea, but recently i have found a tea called "Good Earth- Sweet and Spicy"... alas. i can't seem to find it ANYWHERE. *hangs head*
However, i stumbled upon the ENGLAND section of Jungle Jims and was fronted with a WALL of tea. Mostly different teas. Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated. Awesome and delicious and non-awesome and delicious (sounding).
If you know anything about me, though- you know that Caffeine is generally not a good thing for me. I'm fairly high strung so a natural high is one that i'm always riding... a caffeine high usually makes me buzz and work super fast for about an hour, only to let me down hard afterward.
therefore, i decided that based purely on the label: this particular tea was not for me.

i settled on some nice Peppermint tea to start with, and went with that.


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